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We have served thousands of customers all over the world with amazing service.

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All of our customer service employes are highly trained and professional.


Solutions to enhance the customer experience

TeamVan Outsourcing offers a comprehensive suite of customer contact center solutions designed to help solidify and enhance your relationship with existing customers, as well as acquire new ones.

Airline Call Centre Services

Full-Service Airlines Services: Reservations, Changes, Delayed, Canceled flights, Travel Agent Services, Baggage Tracking

Inbound Call Centre Services

24/7 Call Centre Answering and Outbound Calling Services. Available and All Customer Service Professionals are English / Spanish speakers

Health Care Call Centre

Transform patient experiences with advanced digital capabilities. HIPAA Compliant Customer Service Professionals


years of experience
Humanized Service

We also serve our customers on lives call  providing clear and concise responses

Why Us

Peace of Mind for your Business

You can choose us to enhance the leads of your business and make your business  more reachable all over the world. we have best customer care service all over the  world.


We don’t just start working with new clients. We immerse ourselves in them to become true experts on their brand.


Our consultative approach brings a custom solution to each of our clients based on their needs.

Free Consultation and Analysis of you Customer Service Department

Exceptional Service. Brand Focus

TeamVan understands the needs of the customers. They want to be heard and understood, and we are great at doing that! We enhance our client partners brands by going above and beyond and being exceptionally good at what we do.

Airline Contact Centers
Transpo & Logistics Customer Services
Health Care and Patient Office Contact Centers
Humanized Service

Some of our individual approach services for better assertiveness

We tailor-fit our services based on your company’s mission and vision. We don’t have a one-size fits all approach, we carefully study and analyze your brand and ensure we are representing you as well as if you were doing the service yourself.

Customer Acquisition

At the core of our customer acquisition environment is providing a quality customer service experience and gaining the consumer's confidence. Not only do we help answer inbound calls, we also specialize in implementing your approach to approach to customer funnels and follow your custom design.

Connect with your Customers

Whether you outsource your contact center needs completely, or need overflow support during your busiest seasons, American Customer Care can provide fully trained customer service representatives to handle your customer inquiries.

Crisis Management

TeamVan has extensive experience handling rapid response customer contact services. Our Disaster Recovery implementation includes Geo-Redundant deployment of your contact center on both of our Near-shore and Off-shore location. Guaranteeing you 99.99% uptime with your Customer Service Department.

Learn about our solutions Contact Center and Technology

TeamVan Customer Care views excellence in call center operations as essential to the existence and success of such a business.


Frequently asked questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that are asked mostly by our customers. If you still find any question, give us a message.

At the core of every business is their plans and goals.  However if you are new or haven’t had the opportunity to address your Customer Service Team, we will be more than glad to walk you through the various approach that will fit your vision at no cost to you.

For our Inbound programs, the customer contacts us. Whether by Phone, Email, Chat  or even Social Media, we can provide you the ability for the  customers to reach you through us.

When you need to acquire clients, it would be best if you would have your own vetted contact information. We would be calling your prospects up either manually or automatically using our state of the art call dialers.

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